About Us


Our First Promise goes to Mittens (featured above) and all of our fostered/adopted cats that were unwillingly delcawed. We will fight for your right to keep your claws and to have a happy healthy life! 

Hello and welcome to Cat Wear Inc., a haven for cat accessories and a host of all critical and important information about cats. If the all-around comfort of your pet cat is your priority, or you want some kingly and exotic treats and accessories for your lovely cat-loving self then you are at the right place!

Our Promise To You and Your Cats

**To Quality Products that are made of safe, strong, durable, and long lasting material(s). We test and inspect our products to ensure we provide only the best for our customers!

**To Provide You The Best And Most Affordable Prices. We know that specialty items can get pricey. That's why we work hard to make sure our products are available and affordable for all types of budget(s)! 

**To Provide Top of Line Customer Service! If you aren't happy, we aren't either!

**We Promise to make your experience easy and pleasant! We have a team of cat-loving employees ready to answer all your questions and help you every step of the way to ensure you are happy with your purchase.

We are here to fight and protect our feline friends' well-being and health! Thank you for joining us and believing in our mission! 

Who We Are

Here at Cat Wear, we are on a mission to ensure that owning and raising a cat is a dream that is well worth it for every cat owner or enthusiast alike, by doing the following:

  • Providing cat owners and lovers with quality and beautiful cat accessories, clothing and jewelry to show their feline friend all the love and care they deserve.
  • Making provision for diverse and unique toys that allow cats to express their natural abilities and instincts, such as scratching and stimulating toy products.
  • Embarking on an aggressive campaign and awareness to stop or reduce the declawing of cats by educating the public on its real dangers.

Why We Are Passionate About Cats 

Our background in cat care is filled with lots of fascinating, eventful and challenging adventures including rescuing more than 10 cats from terrible and dangerous environments, rehabilitated them and gave them a better life.

But we knew something had to change after a terrible accident. His name was Gigi and he was a sweet and curious cat. We took him in when his family moved away. He was a declawed cat that required an indoor life to keep him from the dangers of the woods around us. Although we tried with the whole of our might to always ensure he remained indoors, it only took one day of him sneaking out that caused his fatal death. He was attacked by wild animals and because he was declawed he couldn’t defend himself.

That particular event has added to the passion that drives us today to fight for the well-being of every cat out there. We say no more because one more would be one too many. Join us as we end this cruel procedure that mutilates our cats, causing them far more harm than a little scratch on a furniture. Isn't it time we gave them a voice?!  

Project(s) We Support

This bio will be incomplete without mentioning our commitment to putting a stop to the unjust practice of declawing cats. We will be donating a percentage of our profits to “The Paw Project”, an N.G.O. religiously committed to the declawing campaign.

So, take the next few minutes to take a tour of our site and browse through our collections and catalog. Feel free to check us out and follow us on facebook and Instagram. Also, we would love to take your feedback and answer your question. Find our contact email in the footer of this site, it will be greatly appreciated.