Keepin' Your (Cats) Cool This Summer

We maybe experiencing some fantastic Spring weather but it's never too early to start prepping for the summer heat. With National Heat Awareness Day upon us it is time to take extra steps to keep everyone cool including our pets! As part of your family, it's important to have a checklist of keeping your cat comfortable during the summer heat whether your are home with them or away! 

We have gathered some clever hacks to give you a "cool" cat that is comfortable and happy this summer:

1. Cool As Ice! Fill a soda bottle 3/4 of the way and place in the freezer. Once frozen take it out wrap it with a towel and place it in your cats lounging bed/spot. They will appreciate the frozen bottle which act as an "air conditioner".

2. Raise It Up! Elevating the cat bed off the floor (think a bed with four legs) will help the cool air to pass under the bed keeping it cool and comfortable while they sleep. Make sure the bed is made of breathable material such as cotton to allow air through it.

3. My Biggest a fan! When elevating your cat's bed is not an option you can get a small floor fan that is placed near an air condition vent to push cool air in the cat's direction. Your cat will appreciate the cool blowing breeze. Bonus: On extreme hot days, place frozen bottles in front of fan for the ultimate cool breeze.

4. It's Closing Time! If you are away from the house for a long period of time for work or family vacation, make sure you close the curtains on large windows that bring in a lot of sunlight. This helps keep the house a bit cooler and allows your cat to find several spots to lounge without sunlight.

5. A Pool Of Toys! Give your cat a fun and cooling activity by filling a shallow container or bucket with cold water (add some ice!) and place small toys for them to play. They will love pushing and grabbing the toys while keeping their paws nice and cool.

6. Play With You Later! Delay play time towards the end of the day. On hots days, cats can easily become overheated even with a short game of catch the mouse.

7. Make Me Look Pretty! If you have a long hair cat summer time is the perfect time to get it trimmed short. Not only will it keep them cool but it will make them feel light.

8. Keep It Fresh! Make sure you change their water out several times during the day as it can become very warm. You can also grab the new trend of water fountains where the cat has fresh water constantly with minimum effort (great for working cat owners).

9. That's Cool. Use a cold wet towel to wipe your cats fur for a fun and cooling massage! 

10. Finally, Please don't ever, ever, ever, EVER leave your cat in the car even for short periods of time! If you are planning a road trip vacation and your taking your cat along with you then make sure you bring a leash or a durable cat carrier where you can take your cat out during rest stops. 

Extra Bonus Hack: If you know of stray or feral cats around your area, please make sure there is a shady spot for them and some cool water to keep them hydrated! We are in this together to save all cats :).

What Other Fun Summer Hacks Do You Do To Keep Your Cat (or pets) Cool? Tell us below!

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