How An Advocate is Changing Animal (and Human) Lives Through This Product

"For you, it is Just One Day. For them, it is the rest of their lives." -Mike Fry

This is Seraph my great Pyrenees...he was 13 last year when he passed and he taught me everything. 

Today is Just One Day, a no-kill day where animal shelters are encouraged to explore alternatives to the euthanization of animals to save lives. Each year 10,000 animal lives are saved on June 11 since the movement started 17 years ago.

About two months ago, Kellye L., director of Jurassic Bark – a giant breed dog rescue and homeless outreach program in the city of Houston, reached out to us in support for our unique Cat Eye Sunglasses Collection that we introduced earlier this year.

Kellye and her husband are changing animal and human lives through their rescue organization in Houston where there is an overwhelming pet population, a million stray dogs and cats are left without shelter or care.

Kellye started her rescue organization to pull large dogs out of kill shelters train them and give them a better opportunity to be adopted and live a healthy life. The reason Kellye deals with large dogs that they only have 72 hours once they are brought to the shelter before they are euthanized. This also frees space up for the smaller dogs and cats to be admitted and have a greater chance of being adopted.

Anastasia...128 lbs

Houston not only has a large stray animal population but also a massive homeless population with the problem only growing after Hurricane Harvey. Most of these homeless people have pets but don’t have the minimum necessities to take care of themselves let alone their animals.

This is when Kellye stepped in and created a branch in her rescue organization called the Hungry and Homeless Outreach program. Kellye figured if she can’t rescue you all dogs and help everyone she will create a program to provide the basic needs for her community’s homeless population to take care of themselves and their pets. The program provides spay and neuter services, heartworm medication, flea preventative, personal hygiene kits, and food and water.

Kellye reached out to us thanking us for our unique and quirky Cat Eye Sunglasses that have become extremely popular and continue to grow. She explained that through them she has been able to reach out to the homeless population more easily and be memorable for her frequent visits.

Dudley was shoved in a box and tied to a shelter fence post 2 years ago on Superbowl Sunday outside in 30-degree weather. He was born with a bone deformity, he was a Mastiff so as a giant breed rescue we were called.

Kellye says: “I am 55 years old I have bright pink hair and I wear the rhinestone glasses and the homeless call me Cyndi Lauper. They laugh, they smile, and they automatically see me as a friend; somebody that's fun that's there to help. I'm not a threat and that's very helpful. A lot of these people are scared, angry and overall very mistrusting of new people so the glasses are a great icebreaker. Plus they are beautiful in their fun and I love them. They know I am just a person who is there to talk to and help them out. I am not with an organization or the government.”

Kellye also does education program for the youth. She educates Girl and Boy scouts on responsible pet ownership and how to handle and care for stray animals properly so they have a better chance of being adopted and having a healthy and happy life.

Dudley with local Girl Scout Group

Kellye wants to encourage everyone to get involved in their communities. She suggests finding Grass Roots or local rescue organizations asking them for ways to help. Most of the time they are in need of medical supplies and animal food. They work tirelessly to rescue and provide the medical support to have cats and dogs ready for adoption.

We are grateful for Kellye and her mission. Here at Cat Wear, we strive to contribute to a cause, inspire new ideas, or connect people together through our products serving our core mission! 

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 ***If you would like to donate through Paypal or reach out to Keylle you can do so here: Jurassic Bark Rescue is a 501 c 3 public charity and all donations are tax-deductible***

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