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At Cat Wear, we not only have the most fashionable cat products but we also donate and raise awareness for banning cat declawing !




Great products and awesome customer service!!! One of my items was damaged in shipment and they were VERY responsive to my communication and were very quick to provide a replacement and an offer code for savings on my next purchase for the inconvenience. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating! Thank you Cat Wear, Inc for the great products and impeccable customer service!!!!!

Janet Howell

I run a giant breed dog rescue and a homeless outreach program in Houston Texas and I love the sunglasses I'm getting the whole collection. I already have the floral and the rhinestone black I'm going to get the Roses next. These glasses are super sturdy which is important when you're dealing with dogs over a hundred pounds. I absolutely think they're fantastic.

Cory L.

I was surprised at the strap an clips(in a good way!) if you are expencting dainty thin as it somewhat looks in the photo, you will find that the strap and clips are actually VERY strong and sturdy, which I am happy for(too many times at other stores i end up snapping the strap or the stitching comes undone) I am a seamstress on the side, I can tell you there are no imperfections, there are very secure(restitched) areas so if for some weird reason a stitch pops, it will not all come apart (like pulling out thatbone string in a knot sweater that just unravels) As for fashion, my friends and coworkers, love this bag of mine! and let me tell you I am not into fashion and brandnames, i am a t-shirt and jeans girl, my coworkers are deeply into this and they want one, too! Words they used were unique, sleak, cute and looks bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside.

Stephanie A.

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